Exercise 108

Panoramic Images

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In lecture today, we discussed panoramic photography and stitching software. In this exercise, you will use Photoshop or Hugin to stitch together a series of images to make a panorama.

Part 1:

    • Using either the panoramic images you shot in Exercise 104 or the sample images below, follow Digital Life 0.14 [hugin] or Photoshop 1.7 [panoramas] to stitch the images together. You may use either method to stitch your images. As the number of images you try to stitch increases, you will have better results with Hugin (Digital Life 0.14 [hugin])
    • If you use Hugin, please navigate to View>Panorama Editor and then select the Stitcher tab.Please input the following settings:
      • Projection: Equirectangular
      • Field of View: Horizontal = 360, Vertical = 180
      • Canvas Size: 2048 x 1024
      • Crop: Left: 0, Right: 2048, Top: 0, Bottom: 180
      • Check the box for “Exposure Corrected, Low Dynamic Range”
      • Format: JPEG Quality: 90
    • Perform adjustments as necessary (B&W, Curves, Levels, Pop, etc.) in Photoshop
    • Save the file (Photoshop Tutorial 1.6) by first adjusting the image size to have a width of 2048 px (Image>Image Size...), then use the File>Save For Web & Devices... menu item to save your file. You may also elect to add some text in the black space at the bottom of your image (like your name).

Part 2:

  • Post your resulting image to the web. You will create an interactive panorama (only if you used Hugin) or a flat image from Photoshop. If you tried both Photoshop and Hugin, make 2 different posts.
  • For the Interactive Panorama: Begin by creating a new post. Select the “Add an Image” button and upload your new panorama. Copy the link to the image (you will need this for the next step) and click “Insert into Post.” Publish this post.
  • Now, in a new post, type: This will create the interactive panorama of your image.
  • Be sure to include your full name followed by “Exercise 108” in the title. Please make sure to have “Exercise 108” checked in the category field.

Part 3:

  • Please bring your digital camera and cord/card-reader to class on Wednesday! You will need them for the lab exercise!
  • With any remaining time, please work on Assignment 102. Remember: Assignment 102 is due on Wednesday 9/24!