Exercise 114

Initial Portfolio Layout

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You have just received the Assignment 107 handout for the final portfolio for this course. In this exercise, you will use your existing content (Assignment 101Assignment 102) to create an initial layout spread for your portfolio. I will have examples for you to view during lab.

Part I: Size & Layout

  • First, you will need to determine the size of the portfolio and the orientation (portrait, landscape, or square).
  • Review the techniques discussed in the graphic design lectures from the last couple of weeks. Pay careful attention to your flowlines, column intervals, etc.
  • Skipping the first page, please create a layout for pages 2 & 3 of your portfolio. You can use Assignments 101 & 102 as a basis for these layouts.
  • If you have content available (from other classes, etc.) you should continue and add a few more pages. Make sure to use Masters and page numbers on the pages.

Part II: Export your work

  • Save your work as a .indd file, remember to also save your referenced text on your flash drive in the same folder.
  • Export your work (2 pages, 1 spreads) as a .pdf file and post it to the course website by the end of class today. Please also export a .jpg of your “best” page/spread and post it to the course website as well as the featured image for your post.

Part III: Work on Assignment 103

  • With any remaining time, please work on Assignment 103 (due Wednesday).