Exercise 117

Logo Design

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You have just seen many examples of logo design in lecture 117. For today’s exercise you will need to create your own personal logo in Adobe Illustrator.

The logo can be iconic or text based but should address the principles of good logo design discussed in lecture.

Part I: Creating Shapes

  • Create a new Artboard at 1500px by 1500px
  • Spend a moment to conceptualize your logo design using the principles discussed in lecture.
  • Begin with a series of geometric shapes that approximate your design using one of the shape tools or with the pen tool.
  • Edit the shapes as necessary to more accurately represent your logo concept.
  • Experiment with the Pathfinder tool palate to add, subtract and create combinations of shapes using Boolean operations.
  • Optional: Go to http://www.colrd.com or http://paletton.com/ to select a color palette. Export the palette from the web application and save it to your flash drive (choose Illustrator if available or adobe .ase format). (Illustrator 3.2) We will discuss color choices at length next class. Follow Photoshop 1.23 [swatches] to convert from a .aco file to a .ase file.
    • Note: You may need to manually write down the colors you wish to use and create your own swatches if export is not available for your selected palette.
  • Now load the palette in Illustrator and use the fill and line color selections to adjust the color and line quality of the shapes.
  • Arrange these shapes into a pattern on the screen using principles of composition. Experiment with linear compositions, grids, or radial and circular arrangements.

Part II: Text

  • In a new layer create a text based addition to your logo. You may wish to load custom fonts for this part of the exercise.
  • Experiment with the combination of your text and logo, try just a text version and just a logo version.

Part III: Talk to your neighbor

  • Ask your neighbor (the person sitting next to you) for feedback on your logo. Implement changes as appropriate.

Part IV: Posting your work

  • Export your work as a .png file (1500px x 1500px) and post it to the course website.
  • You should comment on at least 3 other logos for this exercise.