Exercise 118

Color Swatches & Beginning your Charley Harper

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In this exercise you will begin working on Assignment 104. You will select a sample image to base your work on and select a color palette for your work.

Part 1: Selecting a sample Charley Harper image

  • Using the web, browse Charley Harper images and select one to base your work on for Assignment 104.
  • Right click and save the image to your flash drive for later reference.
  • Post a link to the sample image as well as the sample image on the course website. Please also include a brief paragraph on how you plan to change and make the drawing your own. You do not need to comment on other students’ posts for this part of Exercise 118.

Part 2: Photoshop Swatches

  • Follow Photoshop Tutorial 1.23 [color swatches] to create a color swatch using www.paletton.com.
    • Note: You can choose several different color scheme generators including “compliment” “triad” or “accented analogic.” Please select one that is interesting to you. You can also use the “Adjust Scheme” tab to adjust the saturation and brightness. 
  • Continue following Photoshop Tutorial 1.23 [color swatches] and open the palette in Photoshop.
  • Next, create an Adobe Swatch Exchange file and save it to the resources folder on your flash drive.

Part 3: Illustrator Swatches

  • Navigate to http://colrd.com and click on the create button along the top of the page.
  • Click the Image DNA button and upload one of your own images from your flash drive. If you have no images available, you can use one of their sample images or download a creative commons licensed image from http://search.creativecommons.org.
  • Now select “5” at to top of the image to generate 5 colors from the image. Click on “Save” and name your palette. You will also need to click on the Illustrator button to download your color swatches for Illustrator as well as the Photoshop button to save a .aco swatch. (Note: Saving both file types will help you in the future so it is easier to do it now and keep them on the flash drive).
  • Now open Adobe Illustrator (and open the sample swatch file that matches the number of swatches created by colrd.com) You could also open any file where you would like to apply your color swatches.
  • Open the swatches window by selecting it on the right or by navigating to Window>Swatches.
  • Click the flyout menu on the Swatches window and navigate to Open Swatch Library>Other Library and select the .ai file saved earlier to your flash drive.

Part 4: Saving your swatches and uploading to the course website.

Part 5: Color Palette

  • Using color theory discussed in lecture today, select a color palette for your Charley Harper styled drawing. Please use one of the websites demonstrated in lecture to help you determine appropriate colors for your design.
  • Save your color palette from the website you chose to work with in .ase format. If .ase format is not available, please download a .aco file and follow Photoshop 1.23 to change the file into .ase format using Photoshop. You can also download a .ai file for use in Illustrator alone.
  • Please follow instructions in part 4 to upload your color palette to the course website. You do not need to comment on this post for Exercise 118.

Part 6: Begin your Charley Harper composition.

  • Please begin work on your Charley Harper composition. You will have the rest of class today to work on it. Remember, it is due on Monday 10/26.