Exercise 121

Working on Assignment 105 - Continuing with Basic AutoCAD

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In today’s exercise, you will work to draw a floor plan and elevations for your cabin (Assignment 105). You should refer to the Assignment 105 handout for design guidelines (size, etc.)

Part I: Site Evaluation

Part 2: Plan

  • Draw a plan in the same manner as indicated in Exercise 120. North in your plan should be straight up.
  • You should draw all windows and doors (minimum) and should include built in interior information (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.).
  • You will work with this plan in Exercise 121, 122, & 123, so make sure to save the AutoCAD .dwg file.

Part 3: Turning in your work

  • Use the Plot command to make a .jpg file of your work (Publish to Web JPG.pc3 is the Printer/plotter name) (AutoCAD 9.6 [publish to web JPG]).
  • Select Window from the “What to Plot” drop down menu and draw a box around your floor plan and elevation(s).  You do not need to set a scale for this plot.  Click “Ok” and save your work.
  • Post this image to the course website by the end of class today.
  • You should comment on other students' work for this exercise.

Additional Commands for Exploration: