Exercise 124

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Today we will again work with the building you created in Exercises 121,122, & 123. You will work with the .pdf prints from paperspace in AutoCAD .pdf files and open those files in Adobe Illustrator. You will then add/change lineweights and collage using a variety of methods to enhance the visual impact of your drawings. You will enhance both plans and elevations in this exercise.

Part I: Open the .pdf file in Adobe Illustrator and Adjust Lineweights (as necessary)

  • In Adobe Illustrator choose File>Open and select one of the drawings saved in the last class.
  • Look carefully at the layer structure. Select individual lines by using the direct select tool or by entering group isolation mode (this will be demonstrated in lecture).
  • Adjust lineweights and stroke colors.
    • Note: I recommend duplicating the layer prior to adjusting lineweights/colors/strokes so that you can return to the original if you make a mistake.

Part III: Adding Colors & Textures.

  • On a new layer at the bottom of the layer stack, Follow Illustrator 3.6 [live paint] to perform a live paint of the AutoCAD lines. You will need to clean up the layers (and remove Clipping planes/masks) prior to performing live paints. You may also create fill regions using the pen tool to highlight or enhance areas of your plan drawing. You may wish to use specialty swatches (from the digital tools website or elsewhere online) to enhance these colored regions.
  • Follow Illustrator 3.10 [background textures] to add background textures to your colored regions. You may also wish to create your own background textures by following Illustrator 3.11 [custom background textures].
  • You  may wish to visit the downloadable resources page for additional collage resources.

Part IV: Text & Annotations

Part V: Publishing your work.

  • Use File>Save For Web to save a .jpg version of your floor plan & elevation(s). Post this image to the course website by the end of class today. Please comment on other student’s work for this exercise.