Exercise 126

Yosemite Cabin

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For this exercise, you will be using SketchUp to model a building interior & exterior. Interior modeling is an important way to convey your architectural design decisions and to show or explain the “feeling” of being within the space you have designed. For this exercise you will need to build as much of your cabin for Assignment 106 as possible.

Part I:

  • Please download the site information for Google Earth from the course website. Analyze the site and prepare for your design process.
  • Please review Assignment 105 for cabin requirements. You will build a SketchUp 3D model for Assignment 106.
    Use File>Import to bring your AutoCAD file into your new SketchUp file. You should select the options button during the import process and pick “inches” as your units.
  • Create surfaces from your imported AutoCAD lines and begin building a 3D model of your cabin. You can feel free to change dimensions and modify your design as appropriate and you should not feel stuck with your previous (Assignment 105) design.
  • If you create a multi-floor building, you should connect your floors with stairs (these can be a component or you can create them yourself)
  • Include windows/doors in each room. You can use components or make your own depending on the style of your building/design.
  • You will have the entire lab period to do this exercise. Please take time to add detail to your 3D model. We will work with this model in future class periods.

Part II:

  • Create one exterior and one interior perspective view of your model. Use File>Export 2D Graphic to save each view to your flash drive
  • Post each image to the course website and categorise the post as “Exercise 126.” You should comment on at least 3 other students’ work for this exercise.

Part III: Reminder

  • Reminder: A portfolio of your work is due on December 14. You should be working on it now (homework) and should have all of your assignments from this course (to date) in it. Furthermore, you may wish to add additional work from other classes. Don’t let this project go until the last minute. You will rush and the results will not be positive. Remember, the final portfolio is worth 30% of your overall grade for the course.