Exercise 131


When designing an architectural perspective, the showcase piece of a studio presentation, you need to be able to add depth and perspective and hopefully achieve a sense of place within your drawing. You will need to be able to add people, landscape elements, and objects quickly and easily to your perspective. You should also be able to bring in textures and colors to represent materials in the model. In this exercise, you will work to create a one or two point perspective collage using the elements you made last class and textures available online or from the course website.

Part I: Setting up Your Perspective

  • Use the position camera tool to set up an eye level internal or external perspective.
  • Follow SketchUp 4.4 [styles for Photoshop] to export 2D graphics in several styles for Photoshop.
    • Note: You will likely want to export a view with the shadows turned on and all other lines turned off. Also, export a view with materials applied.

Part II:

  • Combine images in Photoshop using layer blending modes.
  • Add shadows on a new layer (as necessary) to accentuate interiors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add lighting (using the paintbrush tool with a soft brush) [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add appropriate materials to section cuts, wall elevations and floors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add backdrop imagery for each window [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add entourage (use the ones created in Exercise 109)
  • Download a Photoshop Bird brush (Search Google for “Photoshop Bird Brush”) and navigate to Edit>Preset Manager. Now change the Preset Type to “Brushes” and click “Load.” Navigate to the bird brushes and click ok.
  • Now use the paint brush tool (with a bird brush selected) with a black forground color and add birds to the sky.
    • Optional: You may also wish to download and use a tree brush or other similar brush to add entourage.

Part III:

  • Use File>Save For Web & Devices to save a .jpg of your Photoshop work for your perspective view. Post your view to the course website by the end of class today. Make sure to categorize the post as “Exercise 131”.