Exercise 132

Finalizing Portfolios

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Your final portfolio for this class is due 12/14 (next Monday!). With this in mind, you will work toward finalizing your portfolio today. You should already have most of your portfolio done including the front cover. You will need to spend time adjusting the fine details & polishing your work for publication. You should also add work from Assignment 106, which you turned in today.

Part I: Updating with All work

  • Make sure that you have all of your assignments from this class in your portfolio. Consider adding work from other classes too!
  • Think about your portfolio as a final booklet. Should the first page be a table of contents or introduction?

Part II: “Fine Tooth Comb”

  • Go through each page of your portfolio, check for errors including spelling, page numbers, etc.
  • Double check spacing & flowlines for consistency as this can lead to undesirable/sloppy work.
  • Make sure fonts are consistently used and sized.

Part III: Printing & Binding

  • Consider the type of paper you intend to use in your final portfolio. Should it be matte or glossy? Where do you plan to print it? If printing at school, do you want to print on custom paper? Can you print double sided?
  • Think about bindings. Will you make your own or have it bound? Look at the examples on the back table and decide which type of binding you will be using.
  • You do not need to turn in any work for today’s exercise. If you would like me to “red-line” your portfolio, please print a copy of it and I will go over it with you.