Exercise 128

Photoshop Enhancement of Sections

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For this exercise, you will work with the multi-room building created for Assignment 106. You will work in Photoshop to enhance a section view of your building.

Part I:

  • Follow SketchUp Tutorial 4.2 to download and load the sectioncutface.rbz script.
  • Use the section tool to establish a section view of your multi-floor, multi-room building.
  • Right click on the section and select “Add Section Cut Face” to make surfaces at the section cut.
  • Make your view perpendicular to the section cut, and switch to parallel projection mode. (Camera>Parallel Projection).
  • Follow Sketchup Tutorial 4.4 to export 2D graphics in several styles for Photoshop.
    • Note: Make sure to include a view with shadows on with the section cut hidden (i.e. the whole building casts shadows on the surrounding ground) and all the edges and profiles turned off. This will enhance you plan view when using the images in Photoshop.

Part II:

  • Combine images in Photoshop using layer blending modes.
  • Add shadows on a new layer (as necessary) to accentuate interiors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add lighting (using the paintbrush tool with a soft brush) [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add appropriate materials to section cuts, wall elevations and floors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add backdrop imagery for each window [demonstrated in lecture]

Part III:

  • Use File>Save For Web & Devices to save a .jpg of your Photoshop work. Post your view to the course website by the end of class today. Make sure to categorize the post as “Exercise 128”.