Exercise 128

Portfolio Design Revisited

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Your final portfolio for this class is due 12/12. With this in mind, you will revisit your portfolio design today. You now have much more content to include and should easily be able to produce the bulk of the portfolio.

Part I: Size & Layout

  • If you have already decided on a layout and orientation, continue working on your portfolio and add more content/pages. If you have not started on your layout, you will need to determine the size of the portfolio and the orientation (portrait, landscape, or square).
  • Review the techniques discussed in the graphic design section of the course. Pay careful attention to your flowlines, column intervals, etc.

Part II: Designing a Cover

  • Using a page the same size as your portfolio (or slightly larger), design your front cover in Adobe Illustrator.
  • It is always helpful to have the cover reflect the major graphic design decisions made in the body of your portfolio (similar flow lines, etc.).
  • The cover must (at a minimum) contain your full name and may contain other information about yourself or your portfolio.
  • You should also decide how to bind your portfolio. I will show numerous examples in lecture to help you decide.
  • I encourage each of you to meet with me today to go over your portfolio.

Part III: Posting your work

  • Please use File>Save For Web in Adobe Illustrator to save your portfoio cover. Please post this to the course website by the end of class today.  You should comment on this exercise.
  • Optional: Consider posting several pages/spreads of your portfolio to get feedback from your classmates.