Exercise 129

Sections from SketchUp

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For this exercise, you will work with the multi-room building created for Assignment 106. You will work in Photoshop to enhance a section view of your building.

Part I:

  • Follow SketchUp 4.2 [sectioncutface.rbz] to download and load the sectioncutface.rbz script.
    • Note: The script should already be installed on the lab computers. If you work on your own computer, you will need to do step 1.
  • Use the section tool to establish a section view of your building.
  • Right click on the section and select “Add Section Cut Face” to make surfaces at the section cut.
  • Make your view perpendicular to the section cut, and switch to parallel projection mode. (Camera>Parallel Projection).
  • Follow SketchUp 4.4 [Styles for Photoshop] to export 2D graphics in several styles for Photoshop.

Part II:

  • Follow Assembly 10.3 [SketchUp - Photoshop - Sections] to create a section view of your cabin.
  • Combine images in Photoshop using layer blending modes.
  • Add shadows on a new layer (as necessary) to accentuate interiors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add lighting (using the paintbrush tool with a soft brush) [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add appropriate materials to section cuts, wall elevations and floors [demonstrated in lecture]
  • Add backdrop imagery for each window [demonstrated in lecture]

Part III:

  • Use File>Save For Web & Devices to save a .jpg of your Photoshop work. Post your view on the course website by the end of class today. Make sure to categorize the post as “Exercise 129”.