Exercise 124

Francis Ching Cube House

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In this exercise, you will learn to move objects and use the “snaps” which will result in accurate movement essential for 3D modeling. You will also explore components and groups and be able to determine when to use each in a SketchUp model. Finally, you will work with shadows and various export options to bring a set of images into Photoshop for enhancement.

Part I:

  • Using the image below as a guide, model Francis DK Ching’s Cube house by assembling a series of cubes. You should make one cube as a group and use that cube as a building block for the model. Copy and paste while concentrating on moving the cubes accurately. When you have built the bulk of the house, you can explode the group objects and begin adding finer details until the house looks like the Ching drawing.ching_cube_house

Part II: Embellishing the house:

Part III: Photoshop:

  • Open Photoshop and place the series of images from SketchUp 4.4 [Styles for Photoshop] into the Photoshop document. Combine the layers by changing layer blending modes to Multiply or Darken.
  • Create a layer mask on the shadows layer and use the burn tool to darken shadows close to the building or close to corners. Use an adjustment layer to adjust the levels of the shadow. This will all be demonstrated in lecture.

Part IV: Turning in your work:

  • Before the end of class today, choose File>Save for Web... to create a .png or .jpg image of your work. Post your work to the course website and categorize your work as Exercise 124.