Exercise 119

Improving Readability in AutoCAD

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In today’s exercise, you will work to improve your floor plan of your cabin (Assignment 105). You should refer to the Assignment 105 handout for design guidelines (size, etc.)

Part I: Layers

  • Take a moment to think through your layer structure. You will probably need to have several layers including:
    • Walls, Doors, Windows, Fixtures, Furniture, Finishes
    • Note: In a conventional office/firm, these layers have a specific naming scheme. Often “A-Wall” will be used for walls, “A-Door” will be used for doors, etc. For the scope of this project, your layer names do not matter, but it is important to check with a Firm’s standards if you are working for a specific Firm.
  • Move your objects onto appropriate layers. This will be demonstrated in class. Refer to AutoCAD 9.10 [layers] for more information.

Part 2: Blocks

  • Search for “AutoCAD blocks” online. www.firstinarchitecture.com has a nice set of free blocks, but there are many blocks available online.
  • Save the block file (AutoCAD .dwg for .dxf) to your flash drive inside your resources folder.
  • Follow AutoCAD 9.8 [blocks] to insert block instances into your drawing.
    • Note: You may need to adjust layers and scale depending on the source of the block.

Part 3: Hatches (Optional)

  • Use the hatch command (AutoCAD 9.7 [hatch]) to fill in your walls (letting them stand out a bit). You should pick a “251 gray” for the color of this hatch.
  • Explore using the hatch tool to draw flooring inside your building. This will be demonstrated in lecture.

Part 4: Line-weights

  • Using the guide on the back of this handout, adjust the line-weights of your AutoCAD floor plan as appropriate. You can do this by adjusting the line-weight of layers or by adjusting the line-weights of individual lines.

Part 5: Posting your work