Exercise 118

Working on Assignment 105 - Continuing Basic AutoCAD

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 switch to online-only classes, For Wednesday 3/18/20, please watch Lecture 118.  When finished, please complete this exercise (Exercise 118).  You will begin working on your Assignment 105.


In today’s exercise, you will work to draw a floor plan and elevations for your cabin (Assignment 105). You should refer to the Assignment 105 handout for design guidelines (size, etc.)

Part I: Site Evaluation

  • Download site information (Google Earth File) and explore the site. This should help inform your design.

Part 2: Topography

  • Open the .dwg file contained within the .zip file that you downloaded in Part 1.
  • You will see a series of contours that represent the elevation of your site. These contours are 1’ intervals. The ground slopes away from the bottom of the drawing (south side) toward the top (north side) of the drawing. [The high point is at the bottom right corner.]

Part 3: Plan

  • Draw a plan in the same manner as demonstrated in Exercise 117. North in your plan should be straight up.
  • You should draw all windows and doors (minimum) and should include built-in interior information (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.).
  • You will work with this plan in Exercise 118, 119, 120 & 121 so make sure to save the AutoCAD .dwg file.

Part 3: Turning in your work

  • Use the Plot command to make a .jpg file of your work (Publish to Web JPG.pc3 is the Printer/plotter name).
  • Select Window from the “What to Plot” drop-down menu and draw a box around your floor plan and elevation(s). You do not need to set a scale for this plot. Click “Ok” and save your work.
  • Post this image to the course website by the end of class today.
  • You do not need to comment on other students' work for this exercise.

Additional Commands for Exploration:

  • Fillet, Chamfer, Extend, Mirror, Rotate.