Exercise 130

Congratulations! You have now completed Archi 135!

Congratulations!  You have now completed Archi 135!

Part 1:  

  • Post your portfolio to the course website.  You should post this as a gallery of images (with a featured image) as well as a .pdf file.

Part 2:

  • Post any remaining/outstanding work before the end of the lab today (11:00 am) and make any additional comments on other student’s work.  You should have 73 total comments this semester.

Part 3: 

  • Please fill out the course evaluation.  This is designed to be anonymous and anything you say WILL NOT change your grade for this course.  
  • Please go to [Premium Content - Login] [Membership Options] to fill out the survey (for Archi 135). 

Part 4:  

  • Have a fantastic summer break!  See you (via Zoom) in the Fall (hopefully in Archi 136!).