Exercise 101

"Registration & First Post"

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Welcome to Architecture 135, Digital Tools For Designers.  Throughout the course, you will be required to use the course website to view and download assignments, revisit tutorials, and post your assignments/exercises as they are completed.  In this exercise, you will register with the course website and make your first post.

Part 1:

  • Within the last week, each of you should have received an email with your www.digitaltoolsforarchitects.com user account (unless you have already taken Archi 136, in which case you already have an account).  If you missed the email, you can follow the steps below to reset your password.
  • Turn on your computer and open your web browser.
  • Next, navigate to www.digitaltoolsfordesigners.com (www.digitaltoolsforarchitects.com).
  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the course website.  Click on the login link in the upper right corner of the page.  Below the login box, click on the “Lost your password?” link.
  • Check your email for your new password.  (If you don’t see an email, check your Spam folder)
  • Using the link in your email, login with your username and the password assigned to you.  You can change your password after you login for the first time.
  • You should now visit the website dashboard by mousing over the “Digital Tools For Designers & Architects” text on the black bar at the top of the page and selecting “Dashboard.” Toward the bottom of the left column, click on “Profile” and update your password and personal information.  You should at a minimum fill out your full name.  I would also recommend adding as many services (LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) as you can, but we will revisit this topic again next class.
  • Note:  All of the class lectures will be posted on http://www.youtube.com/digitaltoolsforarch

Part 2:

  • Many of you already use the web frequently, you check your email, chat with friends, and perhaps read online articles.  While your primary reading material may not be architectural in nature, there are plenty of architectural or graphic design based websites that can provide a wealth of information for the designer in all of us.
  • For the second part of this exercise, you will need to locate an interesting article from one of these architecture/graphic design websites and write a brief summary of the article.
  • Once you have logged in to the course website, mouse over the “+ New” text on the black bar at the top of the page.  Select “Post” from the list that appears.
  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the post window, make note of the tools available at the top of the text window.  You can now write the information gathered about your article into this box.  Please include the title of the article and a written paragraph explaining why the article is useful to young designers (or why you think it is interesting).  You should also paste a link to the article at the bottom of your post.
  • Give your post a title that includes your name, “Exercise 101,” and the abbreviated name or description of the article.
  • You should now look for a creative commons image that represents this article by searching http://search.creativecommons.org.  You will need to save this image to the computer.  Make a note of the URL for this image as you will need to add the URL to the bottom of your post as well.  (If you cannot find a Creative Commons image, you may use another image)
  • Upload the image to the course website by clicking on the “Add Media” button.  In the Insert Media window that appears, click on the “Select Files” button.  Navigate to your saved image.  Once it has finished uploading, click on “Set Featured Image” and making sure the image you just uploaded is still selected, click the blue “Set Featured Image” button in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Please make sure to specify “Digital Tools for Designers (Archi 135)”, “Exercises (Archi 135), and “Exercise 101” in the categories list to the right of your new post. You will be able to see all the posts for a given exercise/assignment using the “Student Work” Menu in the navigation bar of the website.
  • Click “Post” when you are done.  You can edit your post by clicking on the “Posts” link on the left side of your dashboard, then mouse over your post and click the “Edit” link that appears.