Exercise 110

Vitruvius Text Layout & Word Art

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Using a grid or a deconstructed grid, layout the text written by Vitruvius in an architectural arrangement that is visually interesting. The text arrangement should reflect an architectural theme of shapes, forms or alignments. 

Part I: Size & Layout

  • Begin with a letter-sized sheet of paper in Adobe InDesign and “place” the appropriate word document into a text box on your page layout. Create another text box and chain the two text boxes together by clicking the red plus sign on the bottom right of the first text box. (I will go over this in lecture).
  • The text should be placed in text boxes, circles or bounding shapes that can be moved and manipulated to create interesting text forms.
  • Experiment with character and paragraph styles to create titles, words or sentences that appear bold or larger on the page. The text should be arranged to guide your eye across the page in an aesthetic manner.
  • Experiment with shades of gray using the tint setting to create levels of black or gray text. Also use the kerning tool, italics tool or scaling tools for text to create different proportions or arrangements as you feel necessary.
  • You may elect to include images that supplement the text, though they are not required for this exercise.

Part 2: Alternative Fonts

  • Look online for an alternative free font. Download the font and save/extract it to your flash drive.
  • You should be able to install the font on your own computer by just clicking on the downloaded file.  You may need to restart Adobe InDesign for it to appear.

Part 3: Word Art

  • In a new page of your InDesign file, create a “self-reflective” word art image using words that describe your interests and skills.  This should take most of the time in this lab exercise.  You can Google “word art” to see examples.  It does not have to be a self-portrait, only an arrangement of words/typography.

Part4: Export your work

  • Save your work as a .indd file, remember to also save your referenced text on your flash drive in the same folder.
  • Export your work to a .jpg file and post it to the class website by the end of class today.

Tutorials/Downloads You may wish to use for this Exercise: