Exersise103_”Fishing Net”

"The fishing net" by Vietnamese photographer Pham Huy Trung

image link: https://gosa.vn/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/nhung-su-that-thu-vi-ve-nhiep-anh-truu-tuong-anh-truu-tuong.jpg

This beautifully captured aerial image of a fishing boat dropping their nets in Vietnam won 2020 drone photos awards. The nets in the murky green, deep-sea give the impression of a "flower in bloom." One of the compositions this photo possesses is a radial focus. As you can see, the bright red color of the boat is eye catching, and it expands around the image through the ripples of the open net. I enjoy how the ship is diagonal and points my eyes in the dominant center point direction. There is also a level of layering, as the net grows faded, signifying the water's overall depth. I believe that is why I enjoy this picture because of the net's overall depth and size. I never expected fishing nets to go that deep or that large, and it brings a level of fear in me. I halfway anticipate them to pull up some sea monster. This picture probably would have been better if the boat was not exactly in the middle of the photo, but I like how the back of the ship points outside of the center, creating a very mild rule of thirds.

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  1. Hello, this picture is undoubtedly a very good work. Very meaningful. There’s a reason it won the Drone Photography Award. The net is more like a starry sky or a reflection in this place. Let a person have rich association. Your explanation of it is also very clear. Well done

  2. At a glance I mistook this image for the Northern Lights but it really goes to show how perspective is everything. I’m sure from normal eye level this isn’t much of a spectacle but with the aerial view a simple fishing net becomes a splash of color in murky waters.

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