Fahad Sattar – Assignment 102

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  1. Hi,Sattar, you know what. I love your work. It’s full of imagination.It’s cute at the same time.At the same time, your skill level is also quite good, the image size ratio is very harmonious, the tone integrity is very strong and very harmonious.

  2. I just have to say that I love the cats in the photo. I really liked the one you placed behind the window which I thought was very unique. Every time I look back at this photo I just laugh because its so humorous to me.

  3. The shadow work on the cat is really well done. You did a good job completely engulfing the person next to the cat in its shadow. I also like how the cat is peeking around the traffic lights. It’s a subtle, but nice detail.

  4. This is amazingly well done! It looks so real. It is so unassuming like this is just an average street picture and you have to look twice to notice something strange. The lighting works so well in both pictures and the shadows you created are outstanding. You really paid attention to detail, especially angles. I also love your cats.

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