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After taking the Intro to Architecture class I have been drawn to the work of Zaha Hadid. Her modern approach to architecture is unlike anything else that I have seen. Her captivating designs have a way of looking soft and bold at the same time. Zaha has created some structures using cube like shapes but she is most known for her whimsical designs.

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  1. Zaha Hadid’s works are always fantastic. I have been the hotel that she designed in Macau and the Opera House in China. They are amazing. I hope I can visit more buildings that she designed in the future.

  2. I really like this structure using sharp angle and severe material to construct interesting shape. Especially, I think her way of creating the structure express her own characteristic well.

  3. This post has caught my eye mainly because of the complexity of the building’s shape, Zaha Hadid is a well respected architect and is also one of my favorites because I have a big interest in the way most of her buildings look. To me, this building’s shape reminds me of a fish and I am also a huge fan of glass windows such as the one on this structure.

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