Final Portfolio – Alliah Maneclang

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  1. Wow! Your portfolio is very clear and easy to understand! Also, all the work that you have included in it are amazing! I really like it!

  2. Your portfolio looks really nice! I agree with Hip, it has a great visual format and is organized clearly. Love your Charley Harper assignment!

  3. Hello Alliah,

    I really like the colors and layout themes you’ve gone with for your portfolio. I feel it complements your work really nicely.

    I’m particularly pleased with your portfolio cover, as it really sets the stage for the pages to follow both aesthetically and thematically. Super job!

  4. It looks really professional. All photos have good quality to confirm what you do, and the gray title boxes allow to focus on both pictures and text. Also, proper hierarchy of text make your portfolio more organized. It is eye-catching portfolio.

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