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  1. Hello KeYing,
    Overall, I think your portfolio is nice, however, it feels vague, is there a way you can integrate talking about the programs and materials you used in all of your pieces.
    Another detail that I found confusing is the labeling of your ‘Yosemite Cabin I and II’, they almost feel like two different projects. Is there a way to make them feel similar? maybe by keeping a black and white theme. Additionally, I didn’t feel an overall theme in your portfolio, the only feature that connected all of your pieces together is the number and the fonts.
    In conclusion, I think you have some great pieces, but they feel scattered and small, especially on the two tabloid pages and both those attributes contribute to a messy portfolio to follow. I know that you’re early, so I want to give you my thoughts. Hopefully, this helps.

  2. your layout is really well done! eye-catching and would be really successful as a print

  3. I think your layout is really great. I think the fonts fit well and I like that the text stays in the background so that the viewer can concentrate on your work.

  4. I really like your overall design for the portfolio. It also very well organized. well done

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