Flower Upgrade

i started by using color balance to make the photo a little blue, and with burn tool darken some parts of the of the background to match the color change better. after that low the exposure and make the vibrance higher to bring out the red of the flowers, then i moved the levels to so true black was more to the left making it look darker. one of the most import things i did was to use channel mixer to make the colors pop and curves to bring out the shadows. the last thing i did was darken any really bright spots with the burn tool

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  1. The color is so rich after post processing – it takes the image to a whole different level. The red in the flower in the original picture wasn’t really captured as beautifully as it could’ve but your editing really took the color in this photo to its true potential. Beautiful photo.

  2. Once you fixed the image the red became very rich in color. You did a very good job in adjusting the flowers color to make it better.

  3. I really liked the burn texture you added to the flower and leaves. It gives a brick red color and makes it look more realistic. On the other hand I think you could have reduced the burn on the tanbark and made it not too dark. I also liked how much the shadows made a change in your image in comparison to the original photo. It makes the image setting look more in the evening. At least for me the image gives a feel like its a very hot day outside especially with the blurred background on the right.

  4. Great edit to the color and shadows. You give the darks more depth, kind of creating more mystery and interest with the shadows.

  5. The red is extremely vibrant, I think the shadows should have been given more of a voice in the picture, but this is a great bright and happy flower.

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