Forest House 02 | KELLY CAMPOS, EXERCISE 101

Forest House 02, D12 Design 

In the northern mountains of Sóc Sơn, Vietnam, a group of architects worked to make a small home for 2-4 people. The purpose of this home intended to tie in the use of nature to help the structure of the home from the exterior and interior; creating a function throughout while gaining inspiration of the combing nature with home designing. Where it can hold quite some fun. The use of light materials--wood, steel, glass, clay, and lightweight concrete--to help keep the nature surrounding this structure intact rather than being worn down. The D12 Design group saw that they could play with the trees then integrate them into their structure, not tearing it down within the process. There is a harmonic unity of the architecture and the forest.


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  1. I found this post very intriguing because of the use of nature into the building process of this home. The fact that most of our homes our made up of natural products like wood, it was fascinating to see that they used the all natural non processed version of the trees for support. A dream tree house that represents its true surroundings. No need to tare trees down, only to blend in and work within its surroundings.

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