Good Photography (Exercise 103 – Ben Serleth)

Shot by Suranga Weeratunga, this photograph taken in Skogafoss, Iceland, is a prime example of stellar photography skills. The first technique that stuck out to me was the use of overlapping layers. These layers break the photo into three distinct planes, the gravel in the foreground, the green mountains, and the cloudy sky farthest away. Additionally, a lone man on a horse adds slightly more depth to the layering. However, this is not the man's only purpose. The cowboy is positioned in the lower right section of the photo, at the lowermost corner of the photo's grid. This placement uses the rule of thirds, as he and his horse are standing at the apex of one horizontal and one vertical line. The cowboy's body positioning also lends context to the photograph. His back is turned to the viewer, and instead he appears to be gazing at the waterfall off in the distance. Finally, the photo makes use of some symmetry to help bring the composition together. While the symmetry is not exactly perfect, the waterfall in the center of the frame seems to divide the photo into two plans, each with seemingly equal spaces of road, grass, and sky.

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