Heatherwick Studio reveals designs for “gigantic planted pergola” in Tokyo – Exercise 101 – Chelsea Moreyra

In central Tokyo, construction is ongoing for a landscape pergola which has greenery inside, around, and on the building. It has a sense of movement with it's curvy features and has an array of plants which makes it look almost organic from certain angles. Since it does include a lot of greenery and is almost wave like, it is juxtaposed with it's neighboring skyscrapers. Looking at it from different perspectives adds new qualities to this building because of it's weave like roofing which fits the building nicely. Since it is in a busy part of Tokyo with so much infrastructure it brings some life to it's surrounding.

Article link: https://www.dezeen.com/2019/08/22/heatherwick-studio-tokyo-toranomon-azabudai-district/

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