Hiu Nam Esther Ho – Exercise 103 – Analyzing Photos & Photographing the Campus

Giulio Groebert is one of my favorite landscape photographer on Instagram. I think all of his photographies are particularly fantastic, and would like to share to my peers. The image that I've chosen is one of my favorite, it was taken in Schwarzwald, Germany. Giulio obviously used drone to take this picture, and we could tell he was using "incomplete symmetry" as his compositional techniques. The four different sizes and colors of vehicles has made the picture become more unique, and looks like the photographer was trying to tell us a story behind that "life must still go on." He also intentionally put the road to the center of the image, with a faded-out "Black Forest" as the background. He was trying to bring the road into focus and see it more clearly.

Wonderful Travel Landscape Photography by Giulio Groebert

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