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The House in Koamicho is one of the many popular projects developed by the Suppose Design Office. Reflecting their own style and concepts, the design firm manages to maximize space within a narrow structure while also maintaining a harmonious connection with nature. Using signature design choices in terms of material and color they are able to bring about a sense of openness within such a minimal form. This minimalist approach brings forth a humbling aesthetic as the exterior dramatically contrasts with its interior. Taking advantage of all opportunistic spaces and the creative use of them, the Suppose Design Office collectively creates a sophisticated yet playful space.

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  1. The Suppose Design Office always comes up designs that make uses of spaces and how people interact with them.

  2. I like that the simple exterior shot was featured. Its interesting enough to make me want to know more about the project and it becomes more meaningful when you learn how much the interior contrasts with it. Maybe an interior shot further down the page would be good.

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