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Whether you are someone who stays at home often, are on the go most of the time, or enjoy hosting, it's important to consider what your lifestyle is so that you can design your space suitably. This article is interesting because it gives tips about designing your space accordingly. In modern architecture, in general it's relevant for those who are busy or work from home to choose peaceful, calmer, neutral colors which will have a more positive psychological impact on their well being. Neutrals, Blues and Greens are a perfect example of colors to go with. Comfort in materials will be more appropriate for those who spend more time relaxing in their home. Furniture has to be chosen adequately and must be of high quality as it will get a lot of use. For those who like to host, it's important to have open spaces with areas that are flexible. The great idea is to have furniture that can be rearranged and moved to create different spaces throughout the home for guests to socialize. It's always important to really think about your needs and consider your lifestyle into your home.

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By Brenda Hernandez-Diaz

Hi, My name is Brenda Hernandez-Diaz. I have a background in Art and Sculpture in both CCSF and SFSU. I am currently studying at Diablo Valley College. My Associate of Science in Architectural Design degree is anticipated Spring 2021. And a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at UC Berkeley to follow. I enjoy brainstorming, and pondering new and old ideas. I treasure being outdoors, walking, hiking, and bike riding. I appreciate design, balance, and mindfulness.

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  1. It is really modern, and I agree with your ideas. “It’s important to consider what your lifestyle is so that you can design your space suitably.”

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