Hummingbird Feeding Exercise 103- J. Sanchez

On this spectacular "frozen" flying hummingbird feeding,  the photographer captures the beauty of this diminutive wonder. It make you want to go out and try to watch one at this precise moment! I think this is an excellent image because the author applies the  following techniques: The "Telling a story" technique;  this bird may be a female getting food to feed her offspring chicks. The "depth of field" technique: the bird is focus while the wings and background are blur. The "Close Up" technique: the macro focus on the flowers,  her head and her beak. The "Overlapping Layers" technique: layer one: bird, layer two: flowers, layer three: the blur background.  And last but not least the "Rule of Thirds" technique: dividing the image in nine equal parts  we can see that the eye of hummingbird becomes the focal point of interest.

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