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Though it may look plain from the front, when you examine this house you can see how the architect used the space they were given to make their design decisions. Since the lot was more of a longer rectangle they put a big importance on the flow of the house making it a calming experience. This architect creates spaces that the client can use and admire from different parts of the house by making 3 courtyards, bringing in natural light and calmness. The curving in the courtyards makes the spaces feel more open and unified. Since this house is in Taiwan an important cultural aspect of this house is the value of public space and the architect executes it very nicely considering the space they were given.

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  1. I find that the way this is made is really extraordinary. the way the curvature flows through the structure and the picture is really pleasing to the eye and makes you want to look at it more

  2. i like the design of the stairs makes the house or the structure look good also the i like how the floor goes from concert to wooden floor i would like that in my type home nice picture

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