Jabali Ridge Lodge – Exercise 101 – Sujeong Jo(Crystal)

I found an interesting house, which is located in Tanzania. The roof looks like a nest, and I think that it's suitable for the nature vibes. The architects used a lot of wood to build the house, and I like the eco-friendly one.


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  1. A classical example of modernism. the views from the bedroom gazing at the sun while it’s setting, more room for light to express itself within the structures, the roof allows different shapes of shadows to come through to the house. It is a beautiful piece of work that allows the home owner to connect with its surrounding.

  2. I think it is fantastic because the material that this house used is an environmental choice, and this house fit perfectly with the environment. Furthermore, although this house is kind of village style, it still full of the sense of modernity.

  3. In the interesting point in this building is using eco-friendly materials. The interior also suits to the house.

  4. I like the roof of top and looks like I am in vacation. The house looks cool and I like this house view.

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