Japan’s ‘nature architecture’ has deep cultural roots, Nada Abdulghani, Exercise101

In Japan, the line between nature and the built environment is a blurred one and the country's leading architects are using this concept to create innovative and cutting-edge designs.like we see in this picture how they inspire of the life of trees and nature. While the designs are forward-looking, they have their origins in a tradition deeply rooted in Japanese culture, where architectural practice has always been to work in harmony with the natural surroundings. Buildings are built around trees, in trees and as trees. I think this article is interesting because we already have beautiful nature, we do not need to destroy the trees to build, But we can do both.


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  1. I like the practice of incorporating the surrounding environment into the overall of design of a building instead of breaking down the surrounding site.

  2. I love how this building is one with nature, as it almost takes on the form of a tree and is surrounded by others. It shows that this architect has a respect for nature and Japan.

  3. i think the shape is very interesting to look like.The curving spiral looks like a walkway to the roof to have great views of the lake/ocean. The building doesn’t contrast the beauty of the greenery/views from the surrounding spaces.

  4. The overall aesthetic of the building is a curving organic form that does not create a disruption being surrounded by trees. The ability to walk up the building and constantly have different views of the surrounding scenery would be a special experience.

  5. I think Japan has strong principle for combining nature and building compared to other countries because they have less areas for constructions and it’s more important to preserve nature for them. Therefore, such types of concept of architecture is critical to maintain the environment in Japan.

  6. Very much appreciate the integration of nature and design. Although the modern structure is in contrast to the surroundings, with it’s bright white color and hard stucco lines, it does appear to stand gently within the surroundings, and would surely provide its visitors with a grandiose view.

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