Jean-Luc Bloom – Archi 135 – Exercise 105

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  1. Love the picture of the guy on the skateboard. It’s cool enough that he’s in the air but editing it and adding that extra texture is really cool.

  2. The use of the grunge filter felt a little heavy in some of the photos but mainly the skateboarding one. If you adjust the opacity to make it a little less vigorous I think it could be a very good photo as the composition is already spot on.

  3. Great job on your changes to the vintage photos. They’ve evened them out from being so washed out and made them more clear. I like how the building and ship are darker now, which brings more attention and detail to them as the focal points.

  4. I really like the uniform style in your gallery. With the applied grunge filter, it creates a collage of similar feeling images that fit well together.

  5. The grunge layer that you added to the skater really makes this image feel retro. I like the feel that this layer added to the image.

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