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  1. Very nice table and chair. It’s very innovative and sleek. I wonder if the table is engineered correctly to hold up at the side that is not supported. The chair doesn’t look comfortable, but I like the design. I wonder how this table and chair would work in the real world.

  2. Overall, great job on the design and rendering however your good work has exposed the limits of this design. Because your furniture is semi-transparent (glass, voronoi) you’ve exposed the tectonics, which are non-existent in the table, for example. We can now all see how you have not addressed its assembly or construction.

  3. I can’t tell how large does the 3d printing can do, and it is hard to craft by industrial machines or hand, at least that takes a long time to make. I think this is only an idea that can inspire people’s design, and i believe we can see some of the design features like this in the future market.

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