Joe Varni – Assignment 101

I tried to be intentional when I was capturing my original picture, by having my rabbit in front of some colorful chard. I adjusted the levels, as well as used pop to bring out the colors of the chard stems. I did try and use burn to darken the stems in the shadows, and doge on my rabbit's fur. I additionally played around with the sharpen tool on my rabbit's face.

Comments (4)

  1. First of all, this rabbit is so cute! The intentional shadows and slight darkening really helps the image with its composition and dimension. And dodging the rabbit’s fur enhanced the texture making it look fluffier.

  2. Your rabbit is so cute. I really like how the red just pops in the chard. The pop adjustment makes all the colors more vibrate. The green in the leaves have so much more detail. The fur in the rabbit is more realistic looking as well, in your original photo the rabbit could pass for a stuffed animal.

  3. I love your bunny. You can really tell you used that sharpen tool with the bunnys fur, and the colors look so much better as well.

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