Joe Varni – Exercise 108

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  1. You did a really good job of editing in your chosen people into the landscapes! I think your main highlight is how seamlessly you incorporate the shadows for the people. It definitely makes it feel like they were there in the original photo.

  2. Great job on the 2 scenes. The first scene you matched the persons cast shadow with the cityscape’s shadow it’s spot on. Nice blending of the girls feet into the grass it really looks like a photo that was actually shot on location with the girl and not manipulated.

  3. Well done on these photos! The lighting in the first photo blends in seamlessly , the girl really looks like she’s there in the grass. I also like how the man’s shadow was used in the second photo, it looks very realistic.

  4. I really love “a girl walking in the grassland” picture. The picture looks very nature, you did a really great job on putting them together.

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