John Leyto. assignment 1

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I edited several photos but I kept coming back to this one. This is my favorite and, in my opinion, best edited photo.

With this photo, I made the colors pop, using the channel mixer layer like we did in class. I used the technique that was shown in class, the "118, -9, -9 trick" which really made the reds and blues pop. Some would argue to get rid of the colored spots, but I think its what adds the icing on the cake.

The second adjustment was the curves adjustment. It made the sun really shine and the rays more vibrant, as well as darkening the shadows around them.

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  1. The original photo was amazing already. What you did just made it even better. not only were the colors blasted out of the picture, but you also darkened the ground to really focus the eye onto the setting sun. Beautiful.

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