Jordan Lehrer – Exercise 101 – Ferrum 1

This article goes over the history of the land that the Ferrum 1 is built on and also goes on to describe the theme and structure of the building. I love the look of this building how the beams on the outside seem fabric in nature, weaving around each other to form this net on the outside of the building. This article can show young designers that buildings do not have to fit the norm, you can be creative with how a building is themed and how it looks.

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  1. The wooden beams are definitely the main point in the structure. I like how they choose wood instead of steel, which many people like to combine with glass, and it turns out great. The beams help this structure to blend in with the surrounding nature which makes it different from its neighbouring buildings.

  2. Interesting design and well thought out color theme. The surrounding green foliage makes the red rust tone of the structure pop and pleasing to the eye altogether.

  3. This building is so fun to look at, the color of the wood is striking. The fact that they created rectangular windows as in any standard office building using a unique basket-weaving style is an interesting twist, it combines a classic look with a modern style that overall has a really nice effect.

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