Joshua Flores – Exercise 101 – African Mosques

The Distinctive Mosques of Sub-Saharan Africa

The article is about Sub-Saharan religious buildings. The majority of which are mosques or have Islamic architecture. Not all mosques there are completely traditional. Some go "against the grain" in the words of Matthew Manganga - while still retaining some old-school elements. Common mosques in this area use the Suodanese style. I was picturing the iconic domes you often see in Islamic architecture initially. But since this style of architecture uses clay, those domes aren't present. One way mosques have been modernized is by using cement instead more traditional materials like of clay, brick or even coral down in Swahili.

I like the image above because it feels like a set used in production for a Star Wars movie/show while still feeling familiar. There are elements that ground it to reality with the pillars and slopes. I like the composition of the photo. The vegetation and slopes sort of point to the center of the picture, where the tallest point is. My interpretation is that point represents being closer to god.

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  1. Hi Joshua!
    This building reminds me of the building model which my friends were making with cardboard. this one looks simple and easy to develop the colour, texture, and advanced shape further so I think designing this king of building let us feel easy to develop the model into the actual building.

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