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Silex² Tower / Mà Architectes + Arte Charpentier

The choice of an architectural extension entirely made of steel modernizes the whole and gives this new tower a strong identity thanks to the slender shape of the steel structure. It rests on the existing tower at the 20th level to withstand earthquakes and wind forces, while preserving the structural independence of the two towers. The 9-storey building adjoining the tower has a mixed concrete and steel structure and is connected to the city by its slender door on the forecourt of rue des Cuirassiers.

I enjoy the design of the building because on how simple yet a lot of work was put to create something this great and in my own words takes some effort to just as well make sure a building like this fits well in with its background. the spacious yet interesting complex designs is another thing that catches my eye and it all works good and executed perfectly to not stand out too much in an odd manner.

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  1. I like the design of that building as well! It’s hard to fit large builds in with its background so you did a good job explaining how it does that.

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