Justin Low Assignment 1

I have done all adjustments in Photoshop. The first step I took to enhance this picture was use the channel mixer, to bring out the colors. Then I adjusted the levels to really bring out the light and the dark of the picture. I next changed the curves of the picture to bring more contrast to it. Then i used the burn tool on multiple items. I first used it on the geese to highlight their feathers and then on the trees to make them stand out. The final step I took was using the dodge tool. I used it to lighten up the building, because it turned slightly dark and "unreadable" from other adjustments. I also used it on the shadows on the ground to make them less harsh.

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  1. This is a beautiful end result! The best part about your editing is that you made the photo look so much better without losing its realistic quality. Burning the feathers on the geese really helped. And it’s a well-balanced composition (nice job using the rule of thirds).

  2. You brought life to them geese! You made the smallest change on the feathers, but it is a huge difference. Same with the reflection of the trees on the lake, overall you brought color to an otherwise dull picture. Nice job.

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