Kar Ching Chan – Exercise 105

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  1. I love the one of Speed Limit. And for the others, I love them so much!!! You took some amazing pictures!!! Well done. I love the way you choose he colour, i love the way you take the photo and i love the angle you picked.

  2. I like the photos you’ve took, their composition are good, and I like the way how you photoshop them. However, you might use the phone to take photos, it makes the quality of the photos reduced.

  3. You are doing well in the first image, but the second and the last one are hard to see the difference between last two modes. You should look up you file and find out the reason.

  4. You have captured a very nice angle of that figure in front of the library. I assume your last picture in the gallery is the Burn and dodge.

  5. I love the images you have chosen! There is a bit of humour within your work, which is very much appreciated! The editing is very good as well. You managed to show the editing done to an image where the certain point is black and white (the speed limit sign).

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