Redo / Assignment 1

IN working with the picture of the  Bookstore building of DVC, I use  more of 4 different layers to create the adjustments. The one I notice I got more dramatic results with was the Levels... while I turn it on or off the results are to the extent that looks like two different places.  An the one I consider give the surrealistic aspect was Layers/Exposure , which I adjust the  exposure to +2.80, leaving the grammar correction to 0.68, I save two pict  from all to appreciate the different results when adjusting different layers. In copy1a,  chan

nel and exposure are on; while in copy2   levels is add to the adjustments. And show also the original picture to be able to understand more the contracts created.

By Karla

Classic Feng Shui Consultant Architecture student at DVC towards the AS Architecture design.

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  1. I like the drama going on, you gave the DVC library a new look. I like the different tones of blue, and how you change the color of the actual building for a more concrete looking gray. However, Seto suggests you differentiate the shadow in the window (is to dark) from the window frame.

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