In the following image, I went into my backyard on a sunny afternoon where I took images of my dogs to the plants and trees that are out there. Upon picking and editing images until I found the best out of all. I choose the focused leaves of the pomegranate bush in my backyard, I enjoyed it because of the spider web it held, it was thin in some areas, but there were thicker clomps that made it stand out. Taking that image into photoshop, I layered over the image, I used the levels tool where I pinched the black more inwards and left the white where it was. Allowing the colors to come out more and keep the sunlight balanced. Then I added a second layer as an overlay to dodge and burn parts of the image to enhance it even more. Making the greens become more vibrant, but taking the burn tool to decrease spots of light to my liking. Giving it a balance to the darkness that surrounds most of the leaves and giving the webs more focus to where it takes the viewer through the image.

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