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  1. The photos chosen were exceptional in terms of both composition and post processing. They all handle the subject very well with the rule of thirds.

  2. I really like the pictures that you took. I really like the point of view of the fire hydrant. Sunsets can be really hard to capture but I think you did a really good job of it. Overall, these pictures have great composition and post processing.

  3. Your shots are so interesting, especially the sky. I am not sure but it somehow implying the cloud was being swayed by the wind. I also noticed the tiny little moon. The composition looks great!

  4. I like how you brought out the pop of color in each set of photos. My favorite set would have to be the sunset/silhouette of a building with the crescent moon daintily at the top. I believe using long exposure on that set would have benefited it even more so.

  5. The angles you took your photos at, for example, the fire hydrant, was really unique and I love how you accentuated certain colors in your photos. The fourth photo of the buildings and clouds was really cool, how you added more gradient/color, and shadowed the images was nice, creating a dark background but a pop of color through the clouds.

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