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  1. Pretty cool works. The overlay make the original pic looks more vivid. I think the sunset is better than the old photograph, you could choose a better texture on that one.

  2. Loving these photos, old town with a castle is so cool to me. The multiply mode on this post is wonderful, I really like how the clouds are defined with that feature.
    At what opacity is the texture on your luminosity photo? To me the crinkle paper comes off too strong for the relaxing tones and colors for this image.

  3. Very good example using blending modes! The most interesting thing on the old photo is clouds. Depends on selected modes they look absolutely different. On one of the photos they completely disappear from the sky. Also I like your photo with sunset. After postproduction I see photo with bright colors, and red color looks like fire. Good work!

  4. I like your texture picture a lot you did a really good job adding the texture and you other pictures are great too!

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