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This article is about the interior architecture of the Kiki Noodle House located in Shanghai in Hong Kong. Kiki Noodle House's interior was inspired to bring in nature and incorporate into a modern space. For instance, the background of the bar table is image of misty trees, making the space feel like a courtyard of a patio or a patio that has the view of the mountains. This feature design creates a sense of peace and quite. In addition, the centerpiece for the common table has a rock surrounded by green moss and pebbles/rock formation, which further emphasis "the mountains beyond the courtyard". The space of the restaurant  is designed to have a curved surface for visually aspects as well as giving consumers a panoramic view of the space from floor to ceiling windows. Overall, the design and function of Kiki Noodles is a space where people can appreciate a warm, quite environment, and a slice of nature in an urban city.

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  1. I found the design of this noodle house in Shanghai to provide an incredible dining experience. This space beautifully incorporated nature, giving a sense of openness. The modern and clean look gives a very luxurious feeling.

  2. The building that Garrett chose to write upon was the Kiki Noodle House. The design of this building is very modern with an Asian style of architecture thrown in. This is very appropriate considering that it is a noodle house. overall the building looks extremely appealing due to the special use of angles and curves, and will surely attract visitors.

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