Kolon One & Only Tower (Exercise 101 – Alexandra Rodriguez)

The Kolon One & Only Tower by Morphosis Architects is located in Seoul, South Korea.  When scrolling through Archdaily.com I came across the image of this building and it stood out.  I liked the sleek, modern design and the brise-soleil system that has been integrated made it even more mesmerizing. The building was made for the Kolon Group and according to the article about fifty-five percent of the structure is used for laboratories while the rest of it is used for office space. I think the building was very well designed and I believe that its useful for young designers to see because it shows good examples of new modern buildings that are being built across the world.

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  1. The brise soleil of this building is quite intriguing. It reminds me of The Broad Museum’s facade. I wonder what the building’s orientation is to know how the brise soleil shades the interior.

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